aimpoint comp m4 vs eotech exps3

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020

“red dot scope” is a term that describes an extensive array of distinct optics and can be significantly generic. Round 2: Escalating Projectile Deflection Trials. EOTech EXPS3-0. Im not sure if I prefer the Aimpoint single Dot or the Eotech 65 recticle. Battery Life Years – Aimpoint's sights are pretty much the undisputed king of battery life in the optics world with models getting between 10,000 hours and 80,000 hours depending on the model, with the majority of models averaging 50,000 hours when measured on a medium high brightness setting. Hence, the effective size of the dot is 1 MOA with a Mk 1 eyeball behind it, 0.33 MOA with a 3x magnifier, 0.25 MOA with a 4x magnifier, etc. So, it comes down to this: if you are LEO or .mil and will need your weapon to be ready in an instant, buy an Aimpoint, turn it on, and leave it on. Purpose: 1. Aimpoint M4 vs EOtech EXPS3, which one would you take? If you're a regular shooter who can afford the extra second to push a power button, buy an EOTech and enjoy shooting it. The Aimpoint M4, like most other reflex sights, features a standard dot reticle. Zombies (That's the main goal, of course ) Thanks. EOTech EXPS3 Being Dropped. Aimpoint AB Is an optics company that specializes in red dot sights. I’ve owned both, a Comp M4S and two EOtech EXPS 3–0s, one in black and another in bronze. That, plus the rather HUGE difference in price ($550 vs $821) between Eotech and Aimpoint+mount made that decision a no-brainer for me. Comparing the two scopes across different rifles is comparing apples to oranges, but the Eotech seemed to be demonstrating more of a loss in accuracy when compared to the high-power scope (2.6” vs. 0.79”, a factor of 3.3) than did the Aimpoint (2.05” vs. 0.65”, a factor of 3.15). 01-26-15, 23:03. Next up to take the plunge was our EOTech EXPS3. A 3x magnifier behind an Aimpoint magnifies the dot as well as the background. 2 major reasons: 1. I’ve seen this many times in my own shooting. 3-guns 3. Im still undecided if I should go with the Aimpoint CompM3 or the Eotech EXPS-3 or 556 for this new AR. The dot measures 2 MOA, which is generally small enough to offer decent targeting and accuracy for longer distance shots, while still large enough to allow for fairly fast target acquisition. ... Aimpoint vs EOTech… The Eotech dot, on the other hand, is diffraction limited, so when you use a magnifier to magnify the background, the dot is not magnified. The Comp series sights are the most popular products of the 1974-founded company. JiminAZ. They include the Aimpoint Comp M4 vs. M5. An EOTECH or Aimpoint sight on your gun will increase your hit probability and speed. The Comp M4 was launched in 2007 and the M5 was rolled out one decade later in 2017. In case you were wondering there are 8,760 hours in a 365 day year. In my opinion, a zero-magnification sight fits a Philosophy of Use (POU) wherein the gun will be mostly engaging targets 200 meters or less (which will be your predominant ranges in most situations for LEOs and Civs). I … These variations have various fashions you need to comprise reflex arenas, … Aimpoint vs EOTech 2020. It takes me from a fuzzy dot to a clear dot … For me the adjustable diopter on the EOTech trumps everything else. ... As mentioned, the Aimpoint Comp M5 suffered a pretty debilitating blow, and the Trijicon MRO experienced a pretty significant POI shift – but we’re all good to go outside of that. Carbine training class this summer 2. I need to have quick acquisition for CQB but also need @100yd moa. Red-dot optics are a flourishing company. An EOTech's biggest draw is the larger, superior viewing window. I can safely say that the best option is the Aimpoint H2… or if you have to pick between the two, it’s the Comp M4S.

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