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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020 credits will be uploaded to the credit card holder’s noon wallet within 60 days of their first transaction using their new Mashreq credit card. Apply online! Credit cards charge high interest rates on cash advances, so it is suggested to keep withdrawals to a bare minimum. Free. However, you should confirm whether the selected vendor is covered by the bank before making a purchase, to avail the benefits of an instalment plan. Source: Mashreq. This is contingent on having met the minimum spend requirement of AED 7,000 in the previous month. Get the freedom to access your Credit Card account details 24X7 with MashreqOnline. Credit cards and cashback rewards go hand in hand these days, but the feature is usually applied to what is considered frivolous spend - dining out, shopping and hotel stays, just to name a few. By submitting an online application, which can be found online. *The information provided on this website/page is only for information sake. The card offers returns of 1.25% on every domestic purchase, 3.25% on all international spends, 5% savings on all education, telecom and utility bill payments and no joining or annual fee, Mashreq said. Customers will need to submit a request along with a valid reason for the increase or decrease in credit limit. Ans: Card members can earn cash back for all retail spends put on the card. Q8: What services can I access through online banking? Some of the Mashreq Bank credit cards automatically enrol the cardholder into the Salaam Rewards loyalty program. The monthly cap for cash back is set at AED 1,000 and can be earned in the following ways: 2.5% cash back on international purchases. Q9: Can the cashback earned be applied towards the minimum payment due on the Credit Card? The Credit Shield option provided by the Mashreq SmartSaver Credit Card offers users the facility to have the outstanding balance on their credit card waived in the event of unforeseen events such as death, critical illness, disability and forced unemployment. Read more These fees range from AED 0 – AED 600 depending on the type of Mashreq credit card. Initially known as the Bank of Oman, Mashreq Bank precisely is  the earliest operating privately owned bank in UAE. All Rights Reserved. Up to 15% discount on Hertz Car Rental, in addition to a no-queue process and faster reservation times. Ans: Not all credit cards offer airport lounge access. Q11: Is cashback cancelled when the card is cancelled? 1.5 sMiles for every AED 1 spent on international retail purchases. During such times, they can avail this easy cash facility without any paperwork. The Mashreq Bank credit card registers the cardholder into the Mashreq Salaam rewards program. Sale period: 18 August 2018 to 10 September 2018 Free. Moreover, they can transfer as high as 75% of their available credit card limit. And then, members of this card can repay it later at 0 percent interest rate. Use a debit card instead to make withdrawals. 8 Salaam Points for every AED 1 spent in international retail expenses. Worldwide airport lounge access with CBD. The wallet credit is valid for 60 days from date of receipt. Choose Mashreq for your Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Investments, Insurance and much more. Enjoy unparalleled travelling experience with the wallet protect feature of Mashreq SmartSaver Credit card that gives you freedom and protects you against unforeseen events. Unlimited lounge and Marhaba access to select airports in Dubai, Jordan, KSA, Egypt and Kuwait. The Mashreq Bank representative will then confirm the card has been cancelled. This is supposed to be done in writing or by at any branch in UAE. There is zero annual membership fee charged for Mashreq SmartSaver Credit Card and the card comes absolutely free-for-life for both primary and supplementary card holders. Make the most of these offers today and enjoy fabulous discounts. These payments can be made in a variety of ways, depending on the bank. 0.75% Cashback is over and above the regular domestic cash back earning on your Card. The new card offers consumers savings of up to 10% with no caps or limits, at more than 450 partner outlets across 50 leading brands in 15 everyday spend categories. The bank is proud holder of a long list of firsts in the nation, some of which include: Mashreq Bank operates internationally in 9 countries and trades on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) under the heading of DFM: MASQ. The full list range of travel incentives can be availed online. Up to 15% discount on the Saferdriver service. Mashreq offers an excellent range of credit cards in Dubai, UAE. Ans: No. It may be required when exiting the country. What exactly is the offer? Details of the various Mashreq Bank credit cards are as follows: Mashreq Platinum Elite Portraits Card Mashreq Novo Credit Card Mashreq Bank currently offers 9 types of Mashreq credit cards, with benefits that range from day to day expenses such as cinema spending and utility bill cash backs to international travel discounts and much more. The full list of stores eligible for such multiplier Mashreq credit card offers in UAE can be found online. Search for and compare Finance products, Loans, Bank Accounts and Credit Cards from Mashreq Ensure that your card has lounge access benefits or you may be charged during entry. Complimentary multiple trip travel insurance, including personal accident, travel inconvenience and emergency medical covers. Standout features. Use your Elite Mashreq Platinum credit card for airport lounge access to 500+ lounges across the globe. It is easy to apply for the free-for-life Mashreq SmartSaver Credit Card. Beside to cashback on International and local spends you are also able to get cash back while spending with participant merchants. Ans: Yes, any purchases made through your credit card are liable for loyalty points. The Business Mashreq Bank Platinum credit card benefits include cash back on every retail purchase made with the card. If the working day is over at the time of the incident, the cardholder may contact the bank via phone instead. Cashback can be earned in the following manner: 1% cash back on all international expenditure. Why Should you Change your Credit Card Due Dates? Q8: Can the cashback earned be applied directly towards the outstanding balance of the Credit Card? Available with Mashreq Platinum Elite & Al Islami Credit Cards. Q10: Where do I make my credit card payments? By online redemption through official website of Mashreq. Mashreq SmartSaver Credit Card is packed with an extensive range of benefits to ensure maximum value for every dirham spent. By visiting a Mashreq Bank branch. Airport pick up and drop off services within Dubai limits up to 3 times a year. Cardholders of the SmartSaver Global Mashreq credit card qualify for a complimentary night’s stay at 170+ participating Starwood Hotel & Resorts establishments across the Middle East, Africa and Europe by booking two night’s stay. Here's why you should Save your Credit Card Receipts. Q3: Is cash back awarded for every transaction made on the Mashreq SmartSaver Credit Card? Credits have no expiry date and can be used to shop for anything on Beware of: Applicants must earn Dh100,000 a month and have a minimum of six months’ service with their current employer. The eligibility criteria are as follows: The application process for a Mashreq Bank credit card can be completed in one of two ways: The documents required for the Mashreq credit card application process are as follows: Required documentation is subject to change as per the bank’s discretion. Up to 6% discount on shopping at The contact number for Mashreq Bank is (+971) 442-44444. Summary. Travel Easy. Salaam Points can be redeemed for airline tickets, hotel reservations, retail store discounts, Novo cinema movies tickets and much more. Payments of all fees, charges and monthly dues are to be made through this account. The full list of participating Fitness First gyms can be found online. Mashreq SMART SAVER Credit Card offers a number of benefits and features. Mashreq Gold Credit Card Mashreq Classic Credit Card Mashreq SME Business Platinum Credit Card Salaam Rewards Cardholder Dispute Form Insurance. The Everyday SmartSaver Credit Card will also offer customers a guaranteed 1.25% Cashback on every dirham spent at any outlet in the UAE & a whopping 3.25% for spends anywhere in the world.

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