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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020

During those times, eating strategies may need to focus more on reducing these symptoms. For vegetables, you can eat ugu leaves or fluted pumpkin, cucumbers, afang, oha leaves, editan leaves, … 1. Please note: You should make fruits a big part of your diet. One of the best natural sources of protein is beans. 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Milk, cheese and yoghurt are important during pregnancy. Pregnant women also need iron and another great source of iron is plantain. These food cravings tend to be particularly strong during the first trimester, but will pass with time. birth weight for your baby, and massive weight gain for the mama. No one really knows why some women crave certain foods during pregnancy, but cravings are not generally thought to be caused by food deficiencies. Beans and other legumes are one of the delicious west African foods for pregnant women and are readily available in Nigeria. You just need to eat a variety of things to get the right balance in your diet. Bananas sometimes are considered the best, because they give you energy and contain a lot of potassium, which is necessary for firm bones. You need to include lots of low-fat dairy products in your Nigerian food timetable for pregnancy. Granted, you will be hungrier now that you are pregnant, and it is easy to fall into the temptation of overeating. Creating the perfect food time table for Nigerian homes, © Copyright 2020 Tickled Media Pte Ltd. All rights reserved. Don`t forget about cereals and porridge, but choose the natural oatmeal, not the quick-cooking products. Lack of iron will make you tired. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the right nutrients. Foodstuff is expensive in Nigeria, and you might be worried about being able to afford a rich diet for you and your unborn baby. Nigerian food is rich and nutritious; there's something for every palate, even in the sensitive time of pregnancy. Eat moderate portions of protein in the form of dairy/meat/chicken/fish/soya with all meals. During pregnancy, one should avoid foods high in mercury and Vitamin A as they pose a significant risk to the child. There are many other seasonal fruits, and you’ll do well to eat them if you want beautiful babies. You should proteins every day during your pregnancy. Also, it is not safe to eat undercooked meats and fish during pregnancy. Thursday. Also, fatty foods can increase bad cholesterol in your blood and eventually lead to heart disease. The highest level of protein is in non-fat milk and other dairy products, as well as in fish and meat. The food you eat during your pregnancy will have a direct effect on your sense of wellbeing, your energy levels, metabolic processes and your baby’s growth. Eat more cabbage, carrot, lettuce, salad, cucumbers every day. During pregnancy, the goal is to be eating nutritious foods most of the time, Krieger told Live Science. For vegetables, you can eat ugu leaves or fluted pumpkin, cucumbers, afang, oha leaves, editan leaves, spinach, carrots. Although food prohibitions during pregnancy are common in Africa, the forbidden foods vary by setting. The following foods are not only safe to eat during pregnancy but they are highly recommended. Worst of all, it can affect the unborn baby through the placenta. If you’re a first-time mom who just found out you’re pregnant (congrats mama! They are a great source of Iron, Folate, Calcium and Zinc. Foods to avoid are listed for a range of reasons, but in most cases there is a higher risk those foods may contain harmful bacteria such as listeria or salmonella. You need to wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly to remove debris, sand and germs. Upon a detailed examination of the composition of products, it becomes clear that foods to eat during pregnancy are almost the same ones we eat in everyday life. Eat a variety of food to ensure you include a maximum amount of vitamins and minerals. Morning snack: Seasonal fruit; Lunch: Fried plantain (Dodo) and Jollof rice with chicken or meat stew; Afternoon snack: Chin Chin; Dinner: Eko with chicken or meat stew; Evening snack: Granola bar or cereal with skim milk. Most women experience some degree of nausea, food aversions, constipation and bloating during pregnancy. Cut the plantain into little cubes, cook it with meat and spices. Examples of foods in this group include wheat, oats, and beans. The same is true for fruits for pregnant women. Pregnant women need extra protein daily. Fortunately, starchy foods are the staple foods in Nigeria. Try them in chili and soups, salads, and pasta dishes. ( pregnancy diet) Carbohydrates. Foods to eat. A study among pregnant women in Tanzania enumerated various forms of food taboos ranging from eating fish which was believed to hurt the mother’s abdomen and cause late delivery, and eating of farm animals perceived to make babies pick up characteristics of the farm animals [ 9 ]. When metabolism is proper, all elements will get to the child. Dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurts should be at the top of the list. Cold cuts, deli meats, hot dogs, and other ready-to-eat meats. Try to avoid fresh-squeezed juice from restaurants. Broccoli and dark leafy greens Broccoli and dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, and Swiss chard are prenatal superfoods, loaded with vitamins and nutrients, including vitamins A, C, and K, as well as calcium, iron, and folate. The ideal foods to eat will be those which are going to supply the iron, protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals needed for your own body, as well as your baby’s. Every woman understands that pregnancy is the most important and at the same time the hardest time in her life. In this food timetable for pregnancy in Nigeria, we encourage you to avoid eating for two. Fruits like mangoes, papaya, oranges, bananas, and African cherries should be in your diet. ***Updated: 6/28/2020. This food time tablefor pregnancy in Nigeria is for every Nigerian pregnant woman. There is no reason to avoid foods you crave as long as you eat in moderation to avoid excessive weight gain. If the amount of them is average, there is no need to buy additional vitamin and mineral complexes. Try not to eat too much sugar and salt during pregnancy. They have a high level of acid and can cause harm to the mother’s stomach and baby. Eat fresh fruits If you want to give birth to a beautiful baby, plan your meals to include nourishing food. Breakfast: Bread, stew and your beverage of choice; Morning snack: Seasonal fruit; So consider our tips on foods to eat during pregnancy in Nigeria if you want to stay healthy during this challenging but rewarding time. According to this article published on Livestrong, eating for two could lead to problems like gestational diabetes, heartburn and other kinds of discomfort, high. Plants improve the process of digestion and the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Sea foods are usually high in mercury and should not find their way into the diet of a pregnant mother. How to stop fibroids from growing during pregnancy, Pregnancy Nutrition 101: Here's A Nigerian Food Time Table For Pregnant Ladies, Boiled potatoes and egg sauce (no raw eggs), Egusi soup with swallow (eba, fufu, semo, or any swallow of your choice). In principle, it’s possible to eat all the fruits. The 14 Must Eat Foods During Pregnancy. Any views or opinions expressed in this article are personal and belong solely to the author; and do not represent those of theAsianparent or its clients. Nigeria has a lot of foods that are rich in protein. Image:, @matrilicious_foodSource: Instagram. READ ALSO: Nigerian fruits to avoid during pregnancy, Leave your email to receive our newsletter, Get the hottest stories from the largest news site in Nigeria, Drop your mail and be the first to get fresh news. Vegetable protein is also allowed: eat more nuts and legumes. Make sure your meat is always thoroughly cooked. Red = Don't eat. Vegetables must make up more than half of the daily diet because they are the source of cellulose, fibre, pectin, vitamins, and microelements. It’s the most crucial time of all because now fetus needs the nutritional elements more than any other time. Full Fat Dairy. These are the foods you should be eating during pregnancy. Home › Forum › PREGNANCY DIARIES › EATING HEALTHY FOOD DURING PREGNANCY: This topic contains 6 replies, has 7 voices, and was last updated by Kawthar_pearl 2 years, 4 months ago. What is the classification of food groups and why do you need it? Since diet is an important source of qi, avoiding certain foods is thought to be key to preventing miscarriages or problems with the baby. These are also some of the pregnancy foods to avoid, as they may result in swelling of body parts. Stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. As mentioned before, you need to wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly to prevent infections and diseases. If you listen to doctors and nutritionists on the perfect diet for expecting mums, the uncertainty of what to eat and the fears of your baby getting hurt by your cravings would be alleviated. But whatever you eat, one thing always to remember- Wash all edibles such as fruits, vegetables, and salads to remove all traces of soil and visible dirt before using them. 5. Increase the nutrient value of your salads by consuming darker-coloured lettuces (the deep colours signal higher vitamin content). They're also rich in antioxidants and fiber, which can ease constipation. Soft or unpasteurised cheese and raw eggs should be avoided along with raw papaya. Don`t forget about cereals and porridge, but choose the natural oatmeal, not the quick-cooking products. To stay safe, also avoid these foods during your pregnancy. Their advantage is the long-lasting digestion, which provides a sense of satiety for a long time. All the fears and concerns women have during pregnancy are related to the growing child, as it should receive all necessary vitamins and microelements to avoid developmental problems. Add black beans, white beans, pinto beans, lentils, black-eyed peas, and kidney, garbanzo, or soy beans to your diet. It highlights some foods that are not recommended for pregnant women. Fruits like mangoes, bananas, pineapples, watermelons, and oranges are rich in vitamins and minerals. If you are a vegetarian have more soya milk or yoghurt, soya mince, soya burgers, dried beans and lentils. They provide a lot of flavor and nutrition, but with relatively few calories. Dark-Green Leafy Vegetables Dark green leafy vegetables are highly recommended for pregnancy because they have high levels of folate and iron, and good calcium sources. Some whole cuts of meat — such as tenderloins, sirloins, or ribeye from beef, lamb and veal — may be safe to consume when not cooked all the … But you should be more cautious with citrus fruits. You should be cautious about what to eat and what Foods not to eat during pregnancy. Your baby needs the calcium and other nutrients you will get from milk and other dairy products. 2. ), it’s time to figure out what foods to avoid during early pregnancy.. It’s a good idea to question the foods you eat because while some foods seem harmless they might not be good for your growing fetus during early pregnancy. This should include a variety … Continue reading "EATING HEALTHY FOOD DURING PREGNANCY:" You can enjoy all the rare steak after the little one is out! READ ALSO: Nigerian food time table for healthy pregnancy. Make sure that you wash your fruits and vegetables well before eating them. Pregnant women who don’t take the time to clean their food properly are at risk of getting toxoplasmosis. Some of these contain topsoil, which could lead to the risk of toxoplasmosis when consumed. That's why we have prepared a food time tablefor pregnancy in Nigeria; to help you maintain a healthy diet during your pregnancy. During pregnancy you are better off with unripe plantain, it is green in colour and very high in iron which is very important during pregnancy. You should eat carbs like fufu, eba, maize, potatoes, noodles, rice, bread, cassava, yams, cocoyams, and millet. There is an opinion that local fruits are better for organism than the ones transported from other countries. You should eat beans, fish, eggs, nuts, chicken, beef, etc. Toxoplasmosis can lead to damage to your heart, eyes, brains and even lungs. A raw steak or undercooked chicken also carry listeria. Doctors recommend to eat more whole-grain products, nuts, fish and meat, fruits and vegetables, and early pregnancy won't be as troublesome. If you get sick easily, you might want to stay away from salads and uncooked vegetables. Paneer, most types of cheese and milk in various combinations are good for pregnant women. It’s recommended to eat vegetables four or five times per day, whether raw, steamed, as different kinds of soups or as salads. The food you usually eat might not be good for you during pregnancy. Fruits and vegetables are important in your Nigerian food timetable for pregnancy. Also, among the fruits allowed (and even recommended) for pregnant women are the following: Each of these fruits is necessary for a woman and her future child. In the first month, a woman should eat 5-6 times per day, drink more water and avoid unhealthy junk food. Fruits and vegetables are important in your Nigerian food timetable for pregnancy. Eat small, frequent meals to help keep blood sugar stable and prevent nausea from occurring. Pregnant women should only avoid alcohol, trans fats, enormous portions of coffee and excessive sweets. The protein is the primary building material for new cells and should be the basis of pregnancy nutrition. The best food for pregnant women should contain the following elements: According to this list, a pregnant woman should choose the food full of these elements, especially of the first three. Do you know what foods to eat during pregnancy in Nigeria or any other country? Women that are on a diet are afraid of them, but they represent an important part of nutrition. These are the main source of energy of the body because they can be burned very fast. A healthy diet is important for everyone, but for pregnant women, pregnancy will require a healthy diet for both the mom and the baby. Nuts can be a healthy addition to your diet, packed with vitamins and nutrients. Garlic benefits for men: Why should you really consume it? These vegetables help in digestion and preventing constipation during pregnancy.

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