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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020

Holton “T-101 Symphony” (1980 Elkhart Bach 37 clone) Bb trumpet, circa 1990 Here is a 1964 (S/N 373xxx) Holton Model 508 Collegiate Bb Trumpet that we just finished restoring! Rich, full and colorful, a blow that is free but not tiring. The Holton ST 307 features a .468" large bore with a 5" bell and reverse mouthpipe for outstanding resonance and centered tone. A good rule of thumb for a used instrument is about 1/2 of that cost, or about $350. Holton Trumpet Push/Kick Rod 3rd slide Finger Ring T602, Cornets plus other models. Here’s a beautiful collectable antique silver 1919 vintage Frank Holton LP Bb Professional trumpet in very nice original condition. no corrosion and the valves are still tight. The .462" large bore, reverse leadpipe construction, and single radius main tuning slide combine to produce a very open free-blowing feel. It is the perfect choice for beginner student players. The lacquer is spotted from wear. or Best Offer. Join to Connect. Holton is a brand owned by Steinway Musical Instruments' Conn-Selmer division. Great for all levels of students from beginning, intermediate, advance to professional players. Holton achieved initial success with his revolutionary slide-oil formula, Electric Oil, which is still popular today. This horn is in fine shape and still plays great after almost 100 years!! The Holton H179 Professional Farkas French Horn is regarded among working professionals and leading academics as the flagship of the Holton line. US Seller. Provenance : États-Unis. A good rule of thumb for a used instrument is about 1/2 of that cost, or about $350. Compare Compare Now … Modern shank (not a Heim shank). Holton T602 Trumpet - Detailed & Refurbished - Hard Case and a 7C Mouthpiece 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - Holton T602 Trumpet - Detailed & Refurbished - Hard Case and a 7C Mouthpiece The low rate flat shipping is for lower 48 us STates only. 455898 $ Holton T101 Trumpet. Trumpet : Holton : Galaxy : Appears to have been made from the same blanks that were used for the Heim mouthpieces. The seamless 4-7/8" yellow brass bell provides great projection and control. Holton “ST-200 Bud Brisbois” Bb trumpet, 1979 . Holton MF ST307 Professional Large Bore Trumpet. Holton Loyalist.com – Trumpets / Cornets Trumpets / Cornets. Holton Logo. Although, a professional musician, Frank Holton was unable to make enough income to support his family, so at … There were numerous models of Frank Holton & Co. trumpets / cornets through the years. In 1917, Holton had completed tooling for a complete line of saxophones, in order to meet with the saxophone craze that was just beginning. Trumpets. I do not know! A trumpet is a brass instrument and is the instrument with the highest register in the brass family. Fits: T3465 Martin Bb Trumpet Professional TR690 Holton Valve Trombon.. $7.50 Add to Cart. Holton ST307 MF Maynard Ferguson Professional Bb Trumpet Holton Maynard Ferguson ST 307 Trumpet MSRP $3155 Street Price $1899 The Holton ST307 Maynard Ferguson Professional Bb Trumpet offers the player the most creativity and powerful sound they can produce. Used Adams A5 Bb Trumpet SN 49575 $ 1,595.00 Add to cart Used AR Resonance Feroce Bb Trumpet SN 039 $ 6,000.00 Add to cart Used Bach 180-37 Stradivarius Bb Trumpet SN 77068 $ 1,695.00 Add to cart Used Bach Stradivarius 180S-37 SN 107505 He was with Sousa in 1893-94. Holton “T-304 Maynard Ferguson” Bb trumpet, 1979 . HOLTON ST-306 mf horn professional trumpet serial 890 as a long time player and collector of trumpets, it saddens me that these wonderful horns are no longer made. The list price of a T602 Holton Trumpet is $1099, but it can be found at discount stores for about $699. FREE Economy Shipping does NOT include a tracking number. A professional trumpet player playing in the highest level deserves the best instrument, and the Yamaha YTR-6310Z Trumpet has all the quality and features that defines a professional series instrument. Teachers College of Columbia University. The valves might have been replated at one point and they have perfect compression! 0 Reviews. The Holton ST307 Maynard Ferguson Professional Bb Trumpet offers the player a wide range of dynamic expression, in part by virtue of the easy high volume this horn produces. Holton “ST-550 MF Admiral” Bb trumpet, circa 1980 . This section includes a collection of user submitted instruments. One interesting note is that the first trumpet player with the Boston Symphony, Vincent Bach, used and endorsed the Holton trumpet at that time. Holton Professional Trumpet ST200 model .465 large bore in mint cond. The T102 utilizes a longer, more open mouthpipe and more rounded tuning slide for more flexibility and less resistance. It plays and sounds great. $49.99. 47 delivers a live, vibrant, satisfying tone that responds easily, quickly and yet with a controlled resistance that makes even the longest sessions noticeable easier. 1920 Holton pioneered open, minimally braced construction. Your source for Tenor Saxophones, Woodwind instruments, Trombones, alto saxophones, Brass instruments, Piccolos, Bassoons, Soprano Saxophones, Tubas, Yamaha Saxophones, Baritone Saxophones and Oboes. Holton T602PC Student Bb Trumpet is a great product and we recommend it to you. This Holton “Professional” Trumpet has been sold. This horn was just serviced here in our shop and is ready to play. It will ship in a nice hard shell case with a Yamaha mouthpiece. 1927 Holton designed the first ultra light weight, ultra large bore (.485). Relate Search of (Holton St307 Professional Bb Trumpet; Extra Large .468″ Bore; Monel) Used Holton Trumpets | Trumpets Holton Loyalist.com – Trumpets / Cornets Trumpets / Cornets. Report this profile; Experience. You can hear some really loud pops while pulling the slides out! His factory, though, was at capacity and needed to grow. ... Its outstanding appearance and finish, durable construction and surprisingly professional performance come at a very reasonable price. Trumpet-like instruments have historically been used as signaling devices in battle or hunting, with examples dating back to at least 1500 BC. Al Hirt Special. Very good shape and plays great. Alex Holton Professional Trumpet Player/Teacher White Plains, New York 217 connections. Pictures say the rest. Owner of the Holton T602PC Student Bb Trumpet are very satisfied with their purchase of the product. The finish shows some wear, but nothing major. more ST307 Holton Bb Trumpet Professional ST308 Holton Bb Trumpet Professional C602 Holton Cornet Student C603 Holton Cornet Student T602 Holton Bb Trumpet Student T602S Holton Bb Trumpet Student We have also used these on T602P. Bud Brisbois model trumpet made in late 70's early 80's with smooth fast valves for all styles of music, easy to blow on with a big sound for Lead Trumpet. The Holton T101 offers even response, moderate resistance and a full resonant sound. The original business was a used instrument shop owned by Frank Holton, a trombone player, in Chicago, Illinois, started in 1898.The firm built brass instruments for ten years in Chicago, then in Elkhorn, Wisconsin from 1918 until 2008, when production of Holton-branded instruments moved to Eastlake, Ohio. Holton horns also feature tapered rotors which create longevity for the instrument. This trumpet is pretty unique and has an ultra slim design. The Conn "CONNstellation" 52BSP Bb trumpet is designed as a professional instrument but is positioned as intermediate. The valves are quick smooth and quiet with good compression and all slides are free and functional. Owner of the Holton ST307S Professional Bb Trumpet MF Model in silver are very satisfied with their purchase of the product. This is a Roaring Twenties narrow wrap stylized thin and long design. Holton “T-100X Adjustable Gap Receiver Model” Bb trumpet, 1981 . Boasting gold lacquer body construction, the Yamaha YTR-6310Z features a bell diameter that measures 127mm, with an M bore size design. Shop and save on our amazing selection of Holton Professional Double Horns at The Woodwind & Brasswind. Although the YTR 2335 is designed as a student trumpet, its bore size and bell style gives it the quality of a professional class trumpet. It produces the centered tone sought by all players. Holton Galaxy trumpet, Holton B-47, H.N.White King Liberty trumpet, Blessing Super 1938, French Besson Meha (1940s-50s), Selmer K-Modified (1950s-60s) Getzen Eterna Doc Severinsen (last part of his life) Al Cass: John Clyman: Besson Meha (preferred for Classical), Benge 6x (preferred for Jazz), Benge C (on occasion ), English Besson D: Bach 1.5 C, Holton Maynard Ferguson ST307 Large Bore Professional Trumpet w Original Case Used. 1911 Holton built the first serious orchestral trumpet made in the US at a time everyone else viewed trumpets as a toy, and if an orchestral player were allowed a chromatic trumpet, their only choice was Besson.

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