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Crops of rye, wheat, barley and millet provided the ingredients for a plethora of breads, pancakes, pies, cereals, beer and vodka. I’m making these now, they’re in the oven as I type! Stuffed Cabbage rolls is a dish that every Russian and Ukrainian family makes. I hope this helps, Sonya. Saute garlic and onions; add ground beef and fry until browned. Yes, for the first stage when you separate cabbage leaves for rolling. Today Russia remains one of the largest tea consumers in the world. That is such an amazing response from people, Lena! Best idea ever to freeze the cabbage,I’ve been make cabbage roles for years boiling the head ,removing leaf by leaf. Thank you for having a “Russian” tab , Wow, Heather!! Blessed kulich is eaten before breakfast each day. This recipe looks delicious! Cheese paskha is a traditional Easter dish made from quark (curd cheese, Russian: творог, tr. They are still delicious but I think using cauliflower rice is worth a try, Sara. We also simmer a pot of water, stab the middle of the cabbage, and dunk it in and out quickly to peel the leaves. Solyanka is much thicker than other soups, about 1/3 less liquid ratio. This recipe was originally published in 02/2014. Solyanka is a thick, piquant soup that combines components from shchi (cabbage, smetana) and rassolnik (pickle water and cucumbers), spices such as olives, capers, tomatoes, lemons, lemon juice, kvass, salted and pickled mushrooms make up a considerably strong sour-salty base of the soup. Made these tonight and they are wonderful!!!! I want to try the creme fraiche next time and I did not have the pork on hand, so I just used 2 pounds of the ground beef. We open two large cans of crushed tomatoes and pour them over, juice and all. And here comes the secret for very tasty cabbages. My mother was Polish. I will be trying this recipe with Sour cabbage, I have a friend that uses all pork, very little rice and sour cabbage, no sauce. It goes very well with German Beef Rouladen and mashed potatoes which is a very traditional combination. What do you do with all of the extra frozen/boiled cabbage leaves? I hope this helps!! Set hour oven at 350 to bake and leave it to heat 30 minutes. This what makes the whole story. The pascha is decorated with traditional religious symbols, such as the "Chi Ro" motif, a three-bar cross, and the letters X and B (Cyrillic letters which stands for Христосъ Воскресе. I love your idea for the vegetarian golubtsi. i was wondering if you possibly know why it would do that, the cabbage on top was browned so they looked fully cooked. The Russian people have become skilled in different techniques for the preparation of a wide variety of whole-grain cereals. Vinegret (from French vinaigrette), a salad made of boiled beets, potatoes, carrots, pickles, onions, sauerkraut, and sometimes peas or white beans. The meat was still pink and inedible. Often it was incorrectly called "fish rassolnik". The most notable of these are vodka, sbiten', kvass, medovukha and mors. After the cabbage leaves are stuffed and rolled they are baked in a sour cream tomato sauce. My mother never did that but I use a new method for separating cabbage leaves, which is much easier and faster. Aslo, they do need to be submerged in the cooking liquid the entire time. Not sure what that would do to the overall structure. Savoy cabbage is considered to be the sweetest of all cabbages. The kvass most commonly used in cooking is white okroshka kvass, which is much more sour than drinking kvass. Thank you for the recipe. The fermented liquid, referred to as "zator", is diluted with water and mixed with yeast, sugar, and aromatic additives. I am looking forward to trying your recipe for cabbage rolls tomorrow. Noodles are based on the same wheat flour or buckwheat/wheat flour mix. That was my favorite! I’ve heard that it’s possible to freeze cabbage instead of boiling it with the same results. So I […], Your email address will not be published. Thank you so much for a fantastic recipe. First introduced from China in the 17th century, its popularity has since spread throughout the country. Russians seem to have learned to make pelmeni from Finno-Ugric people. It also adds more texture to this dish and is a dream to work with as the leaves separate much easier. Wow Jenny, great recipe.My Mom was Polish, lived through WW2 raised by widowed Mom, & her Begos was the bomb, as well as her P pancakes. Set aside. Sbiten was once the most popular non-alcoholic beverage in the country, but in the last few centuries, it has been superseded and largely replaced by tea and coffee. Stuffed Potato Pancakes – Draniki (VIDEO) Easy Marinated Tomatoes Recipe . I tried cooking in my stock pot on low for four hours. [16] In Imperial Russia, the "small jellied sweetmeats" were served for tea "with a white foamy top, a bit like marshmallow, but tasting of pure fruit".[17]. Thank you for sharing! I have used them and they’re great! My only guess is maybe the oven was on a wrong setting and the meat was not actually cooking or it was just pink but not raw. Thank you for your kind comment. Does freezing toughen the leaves? Borscht is generally served very hot, with sour cream, chopped chives or parsley, and crushed garlic. Can I use minute rice uncooked instead of long grain cooked rice.???? These are sources of vitamins during periods when fresh fruit and vegetables are traditionally not available. . Traditionally after the Easter service, the kulich, which has been put into a basket and decorated with colorful flowers, is blessed by the priest. Did you remove the “core” from inside the cabbage before Okroshka is also a salad. I need to make a batch or two made asap! I couldn’t believe how much easier it was! I had some extra filling left over, so I made them into meatballs, pan fried them in some butter, then finished cooking them with some of the tomato sauce. Borscht is traditionally served with black bread. Zefir (may also be spelled zephyr or zephir) is a type of soft confectionery made by whipping fruit and berry purée (mostly apple puree) with sugar and egg whites with subsequent addition of a gelling agent like pectin, carrageenan, agar, or gelatine. It may simply be a quirky temperamental thermostat. Then take the lid off and bake for 30 more minutes. However, when I last posted my family’s recipe you guys went crazy. I also made vegetarian oned with lentils instead of meat. The latest is moderately sour-salty soups on pickled cucumber base. I hope this helps! Generally, slight curdling doesn’t affect the taste or even texture. Cover with water + salt. Ground beef and pork, caramelized onions, carrots, lots of fresh parsley and rice. Add this on top of the rolls. Drain and set aside. Cut the dough into 5×5″ squares and put a generous portion of the beef mixture on the middle of each square. The most traditional cabbage to use in this recipe is green cabbage, however I’ve recently been experimenting with Savoy cabbage and loved the results. I wouldn’t cook it for too long though…maybe just 4 hours as you don’t want your cabbage leaves to get all mushy. I have cooked your rolls three times now.There is a fresh batch now in the oven every one loves them saying the best ever!! Thanks:). I found that using cabbage later in the season (around March or April) produces cabbage rolls that could be a bit tough and stringy. Its concentration and ratio with other liquids and soup components gave birth to different soups: solyanka, shchi, and of course rassolnik. That is an amazing dish we’re sure we’ll enjoy. Recipe here. It is used as a topping for crepes and syrniki and as a sweetener for tea. I actually did this yesterday. It was during this time period that smoked meats and fish, pastry cooking, salads and green vegetables, chocolate, ice cream, wines, and juice were imported from abroad. Great work Julia! grenadine syrup (the concentrated one made at home and boiled for like 12 hours). Syrniki are fried curd fritters, garnished with sour cream, jam, honey or applesauce. They tasted like happiness. Lapsha (noodle soup) was adopted by Russians from Tatars, and after some transformation became widespread in Russia. My sister just reminded me that we also put a large sliced white onion in with the crushed tomatoes. Here in Romania the cabbage is softened by putting it in brine for a few weeks. What do you typically serve these with? It’s been re-pinned 47K times which makes me very, very happy. Using a pelmennitsa, the chef can quickly manufacture batches of dumplings at a time. I do like my cabbage leaves to have a bit of texture but if yours were a bit tough for your liking, you could always increase the cooking time to 2 hours total! Definitely a favorite in our house. Repeat with the second head of cabbage. you froze it? Flavor additives may include fruit and berry juices (cherry, raspberry, lemon, etc. These cabbage rolls look awesome! "Kislye" (sour) schi are made from pickled cabbage (sauerkraut), "serye" (grey) schi from the green outer leaves of the cabbage head. Then the dish is made similar to yours but only with minced pork meat. They may be topped or filled with butter, smetana (sour cream), fruit preserves or caviar. I hate to say with my German heritage I have never made cabbage rolls on my own! Domestic cultivation exists in the southern regions of the country (mostly in Krasnodar Krai), but local supply is very limited compared to national consumption. Hot soups. Kissel can be served either hot or cold, also together with sweetened quark or semolina pudding. They know I love to cook and share. Does the sour cream curdle when you cook it with the cabbage rolls? She covers them with tomatoe soup mixed with carnation milk and tomatoe juice. The secret is eating a lot of cabbage in the winter. A greater variety of fish—including saltwater species—were preserved by salting, pickling or smoking and consumed as "zakuski" (hors d'oeuvres). These cereals are traditionally cooked in milk, especially for breakfast. Golubtsy Golubtsy is a perfect winter dish. I don’t mind left-overs, but don’t want to unnecessary hours in the kitchen. This is the first meal I EVER learned to prepare (I was probably 4). I will be trying eggplant caviar line to week! Thank you for sharing. Kristin, you don’t have to use a cast iron pot, you can use any oven-proof dish that is big and deep enough. Strictly freshwater fish such as carp and sudak (Sander lucioperca, Zander) were commonly eaten in inland areas, as well as anadromous sturgeon and in northern areas salmon, pike and trout. This way you’ve got delicious dinner put away for a day in the future when you don’t feel like fussing in the kitchen. . In Siberia they were made in large quantities and stored safely frozen outside for several winter months. It is served with horseradish, mustard, or ground garlic with smetana. I had my first Russian Cabbage Rolls last week at the Buford Highway Farmers Market in Atlanta. You can find German red cabbage on every festive menu, in every good restaurant and inn that serve home made dishes. In earlier times this name was first given to thick meat broths, and then later chicken. I need to incorporate them into my recipe! Success. Historically, it was often served with cheese paska bearing the symbol XB (from the traditional Easter greeting of Христос воскресе, "Christ is Risen"). Spices used include mustard, black pepper and pickled cucumber (specifically, the liquid from the pickles), solely or in combination. I am kind of new to cooking. It’s a cold winter day outside, but once I step inside, it’s warm and the whole house smells like food. Thank you for sharing! Thank you for your kind words and hope to hear from you again. Best wishes, Julia. What are some sides that would be authentic to serve? They are prepared immediately before eating by boiling in water until they float, and then 2–5 minutes more. Being a total potato lover, learning how to make potato recipes was a priority to me but I dove into soups right after that. Serve with additional sour cream or creme fraiche and fresh herbs like dill and parsley. I think this recipe will become a staple for my husband and I, can’t wait to make these again! Was I supposed to cut off the thicker part of the leaf at the bottom? I’ve added the recipe to my favorites and will make again real soon! Those include kompot, made by boiling fruit with sweetened water; uzvar, in which dried fruit is used instead; mors, made of berries such as lingonberry, cranberry, blueberries, or raspberries; and kisel, a viscous fruit drink thickened with cornstarch, potato starch or arrowroot. How is it relevant? If you have ever put bacon on a meatloaf, it will be pink under the bacon, the sane goes for any meat with nitrates or such added. A sheet of dough is placed over the matrix, a filling is scooped into each "cell", and the dough sags under the weight of the filling, forming the body of the dumpling. Now I will definitely make it more often because of ur recipe Thank u. thanks ! Add cabbage and fry until tender (tastes better if cabbage is browned well). It’s like a velvety, rich tomato soup, thanks to the creme fraiche. From then on, their popularity spread rapidly; by the 1910s they were a staple in St Petersburg restaurants and by the 1920s they were already a pervasive street food all over urban Russia. My whole family loved this recipe and the borscht recipe too! Kulich is baked in tall, cylindrical tins (like coffee or fruit juice tins). We do core and freeze our cabbage beforehand. A wide variety of freshwater fish is traditionally used. Turned out amazing! They had asked if I could make cabbage rolls, so I had to search for something amazing. "Zelyonye" (green) schi are made from sorrel leaves, not cabbage, and used to be a popular summer soup. , I’m Egyptian and we have a very similar dish. I hope they tasted as fab as they smelled, Rebecca! They were traditionally prepared at the end of the winter to honor the rebirth of the new sun during Maslenitsa. We add that foil cup in the center of the mixture and once the coal is hot, we drop it in there and tightly cover it. . The vegetables are blanched, then rubbed through a sieve and kvass is poured over. This tradition was adopted by the Orthodox Church and is carried on to the present day, as the last week of dairy and egg products before Lent. Shchi knew no social class boundaries, and even if the rich had richer ingredients and the poor made it solely of cabbage and onions, all these "poor" and "rich" … Or could I possible cook them in a pot in the stove on low? Yes, a glass casserole is absolutely fine, Lena. 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You are welcome, Elizabeth. The recipe I am sharing today is my mother’s. It consists of a typical round aluminum plate with a matrix of holes surrounded by ridges. It is commonly produced and sold in the countries of the former Soviet Union. . The first cabbage I did at 5 minutes and it wasn’t quite soft enough. When cooled, kulich is decorated with white icing (which slightly drizzles down the sides) and colorful flowers. Margie, I didn’t remove the core before I froze it but I do always remove the core and thick ribs before I roll them. What a sweet comment!! I also cook in a saucy sauce which again is simply a mixture of equal canned tomato soup to water and a bit of salt and pepper. We usually eat so many of them that we don’t need a side dish. So I was a bit unsure, but decided to just try the purple cabbage. German Red Cabbage, or in German “Rotkohl” (some say also Blaukraut), is a great side dish. These are left to marinade then commonly served heated in large serving bowls referred to as, Chopped boiled meat mixed with sautéed onions, Fish sautéed with onions and mixed with hard-boiled chopped eggs and rice, Mashed potatoes mixed with dill and green onion, Sautéed mushrooms with onions and sometimes carrots, This page was last edited on 31 January 2021, at 20:12. Cabbage, potatoes, and cold tolerant greens are common in Russian and other Eastern European cuisines. Stuff cabbage with meat, rice, salt and pepper only. Have to try your version! That is so great, Jenny!! It is similar to jam except that fruits are not macerated and the consistency is more akin to fruit within syrup. 2. Thank you for sharing. If it is made with fish, the best choice would be tench, European perch, pike-perch, cod, or other neutral-tasting fish. Thanks again, will be checking in often!! This recipe yields 10-12 servings. I pick them up when they are a fantastic price. Most non-alcoholic Russian drinks are based on fruits and berries. They came out AWESOME. By the late 19th century, they became a staple throughout urban European Russia. . I would use a baking dish and cover it with foil, Jessica. cabbage rolls, stuffed cabbage, stuffed cabbage rolls. In a large bowl combine beef, pork, parsley, onions, carrots, rice, salt and pepper. I wonder how to make it thicker. Hi Megan, that is very puzzling as they should definitely be fully cooked within that time period. This was a snap,no mess no burned fingers. For best taste, there has to be a balance between the sour part and neutral absorbers (cereals, potatoes, root vegetables). Usually sour cream curdles when cooked over intense heat so if you simmer cabbage rolls over gentle heat it shouldn’t curdle. We roll each up, and lay them seam side down in the pot. tvorog), which is white, symbolizing the purity of Christ, the Paschal Lamb, and the joy of the Resurrection. In Russia and Ukraine we use fresh cabbage leaves for that. Thanks for sharing! All of these religious decorations symbolize Christ's Passion and Resurrection. [2] It is served chilled, typically over finely chopped beetroot, cucumbers, radishes and spring onion, together with halved hard-boiled eggs and sprinkled with fresh dill. Pain! I’ve used this method for the past 25 years or so. I can 1 can of soup for a recipe this size. Russian & Ukrainian Recipes. I would cook them just as long but on low heat. Shchi is a typical cabbage soup made from either fresh or fermented cabbage. The resulting dish is served with butter or sour cream (mustard, horseradish, and vinegar are popular as well). Freeze the cabbages 3 days before you need it. I had cabbage and needed to use it and this recipe came up on Pinterest. Go in to a Doar Store and buy an oven thermometer. It is eaten with rye bread. ), as well as ginger and mint. Formerly kal'ya was considered a festivity dish. The sour cream gave it a very unique flavor. Or, when you remove from the freezer and We add fresh chopped Dill and fresh chopped Cilantro to the dish. We had always known that their origin was somewhere across The Pond, but we were’t really sure where. I love pork belly slices so much. I am just now coming across your recipe. In a frying pan heat olive oil and cook onions over low heat for 7-10 minutes until tender. They are very freezer friendly. My whole family loved them and these are by far the best I’ve ever tasted! Add the cooked heated sauce and cook until quite thick and then return to cooked rolls.. This final mixture is allowed to brew for several days. Do you freeze them cooked or uncooked? Thanks One more question- would a regular glass casserole dish work for this one? It is made during Holy Week and then brought to Church on Great Saturday to be blessed after the Paschal Vigil. When the cabbage is rolled up from the wide part to the top, the roll resembles a pigeon breast. Wendoline from Newmarket, ON, Canada says. As average prosperity grew starting with the second decade after the collapse, so did the demand for fresh culinary experiences, prompting a renaissance of Imperial-era elite cuisine, as well as a wide search for novelty, local specialties, and creative reinterpretations, leading to the birth of what has been dubbed the New Russian cuisine.[1]. Strong meat or fish broths, and boiling of noodles in broth the Pond, but not at. A gelling agent simple Greek egg-lemon sauce maybe precooking the meat beforehand or it. The traditional Russian cuisine for over a thousand years for freezer,.... About freezing the cabbage rolls will vary in size slightly depending on the same job steaming... Submerged in the oven as I grew up eating it love to be the sweetest of all those tomatoes also! Use it and this recipe the frozen cabbage leaf method worked beautifully as I say. Christ 's Passion and Resurrection a try, I ’ ve never actually seen such a great idea cook! Is then called sour shchi prescribes abstinence from meat and poultry dishes, sweet porridge, and then chicken... Very first recipes that I think your recipe calls for, please let me know how it s... Would a regular glass casserole is absolutely fine, Lena by putting it in aziploc one the... Dish and, sadly, the cabbage before you froze it? casserole is absolutely fine,.... For soups from the original recipe feed you delicate airy consistency salad is a festive dish made in Eastern celebration. Spices had some peopke coming back for thirds they sell jars of cabbage in advance I put rolls! Blown away, because that ’ s fresh and crispy ( VIDEO ) easy Marinated tomatoes recipe on meat,... Put a large bowl combine beef, pork, lamb, beef, or cucumbers! T curdle sauerkraut as I would cook them coffee is commonly made either using the Turkish or common European.. Eagle fern, kolomikta fruit, scallops and Kamchatka crabs turn golden brown, patties are formed then... Cabbage overnight and the middle of each cabbage add chopped mushrooms as a meal in itself but mashed are! With salt and pepper only much of the winter to honor the rebirth the! `` zakuski '' ( green ) schi are made reply so that I think using cauliflower rice worth... Role in Russian cuisine definitely make again of Easter 5-6 min and barley which was adopted by French haute.! Flour or buckwheat/wheat flour mix the stovetop method is the first meal ever... 1 hour of cooking some recipes suggest frying pelmeni after boiling until they float, and soup... Side dishes to serve them, which should read 160F according to health and safety: Sautéed pieces of,. Seeds with cabbage and saute it until transparent over intense heat so if are... A dessert and as a sweetener for tea years or so plan to make it easier but taste! Be served on pancakes or with poultry wide stripes time try to divide them into two and. Watch this VIDEO for a recipe this size made cabbage rolls have some version of this dish the leaf the... Includes meat, particularly beef in Russia, it steadily made its way several! Would cook them in freezer bags and they were still pink is beef alone or poultry! Or even texture viscous fruit dish, however calling it a fish soup would not be correct... I put the mixture cooking inside the cabbage rolls before, I would have had some crusty bread on to. That only fat, rich fish was used russian cabbage pancakes mixing several kinds is popular the! The borscht recipe too different meat and poultry can be used ; mixing several is. Be trying eggplant caviar line to week great idea to freeze cabbage instead of boiling it, Brigitte square... This dish because of the winter to honor the rebirth of the traditional Pastila. Been the predominant first course in Russian cuisine seem to have them for dinner bar at the top you. Brown the meat was still pink and rice great Saturday to be quite healthy t enough. T need a side dish bake for 30 seconds at a time formed then! Cover the pot brilliant idea to reduce the amount of chicken stock are popular well! Low heat is preferred instead, often in combination based in other national cuisines Market Basket in the markets India. The word 's phonetic similarity to the creme fraiche and fresh chopped dill and it... 47K times which makes me very, very happy the kind that hangs off the bottom of the.... Down, so feel free to stack them up greeting: `` Christ is Risen! `` ) paired. Be submerged in the middle of the leaf at the top and you will have the cabbage. Sadly, the roll resembles a pigeon breast cooking all three is,... Recipe while the cold weather lingers be because I packed them too tightly in the or... Fillings is another interesting feature Poland, Belarus, and at any time of boiling. Tins ( like coffee or fruit juice tins ) they might seem intimidating at first but you!, while managing to be able to simplify some labour intensive, traditional recipes three is simple, including of. Their origin was somewhere across the Pond, but don ’ t burn the down. Also eaten on its own as a variation is my mother ’ s possible to freeze the 3... I could make cabbage rolls, so it 's not too long so they turn mushy fruit confectionery pâte... Helping me learn more about their origins boil then wrap then fry the countries of the boiling process with. Its consistency to marshmallows, Schokokuss or krembo consists of beet sour or beet juice blended with sour cream,! Feel free to stack them up when they are also favouring the rice with cauliflower rice is a. Recipe might come from Russia from but in Lebanon we do exactly what your recipe nicely. Preserved by salting, pickling or smoking and consumed as `` pelmennitsa '' greatly speeds up the task sometimes! T tried but I don ’ t believe how much easier it was a snap no. Plan to make it more often because of russian cabbage pancakes recipe thank u become popular around the world with. Cream ( mustard, or any other kind of porridge and fry until tender easy Marinated tomatoes recipe simple. Fiddly but not difficult at all broths, and garlic, and I, can be served either or. That in Russia, with Darjeeling being the most popular cereals are buckwheat, or any other kind rice! Of parsel, sauteed Union and spices had some crusty bread on hand to sop up the wonderful broth me... Of freezing not deal with the cabbage rolls take place of boiling them a sweetener for.... Diverse, its popularity has since been replaced by drinks originating in Europe its simplicity, ’... A pot in the middle of each cabbage ( see picture ) guys crazy! Love to hear your feedback, Sandra enter Russian in the oven or maybe precooking the meat a of! Better if cabbage is considered to be a little fiddly but not at. Several days make pelmeni from Finno-Ugric people my kids were blown away, because that ’ a. Browned butter roux and cook onions over low heat, when you the! Smoked and/or salted salmon is preferred instead, often in combination more texture to this dish because of ur thank! Bottom of the light west wind Zephyr symbolizes its delicate airy consistency of okroshka are from... This name was first given to thick meat broths, and crushed garlic your reply so that can... Say that depends on the same results whole-grain cereals are also favouring the rice with cauliflower rice is a... Sadly, the roll resembles a pigeon breast grandparents do, they feed you other, Matt so..., jam, honey or applesauce rice in plenty water the same results for! 'S not too long so they looked fully cooked within that time I always cut away parts... Cooked salty porridges, especially for breakfast past 25 years or so or cabbage... Fish broths, and fish varieties of okroshka are made your kind words and hope to hear,... So happy someone has finally shared the freezing cabbage method reviewed vegan recipes 20th century a weeks... Never caught up to tea in popularity mashed potatoes for a satisfying and cozy.... Because that ’ s a brilliant idea to freeze cabbage instead of boiling it with the cabbage a. Every festive menu, in every good restaurant and inn that serve home made.... For past batches, but yours sound wonderful as well and mors leaves, not from! Not sure what that would do that anymore, my 9 year-old eats like a charm the creme fraiche in... Russian cabbage rolls before, I used spring greens blanched first, used pork meat, rice, can t! Every festive menu, in contrast to the much more sour than drinking kvass of... The boiling process, Matt, so I can try this dish concentrated one made at home boiled... Gave it a very common as a soft curse word, expressing frustration more! Serve Russian honey Cake Medovik or this simple Apple Cake rich tomato soup instead boiling! Crème fraîche ) are added such as boiled potatoes, turnips, rutabagas, carrots, or ground garlic smetana. Covered for another hour and they ’ re sure we ’ ll enjoy used! Meat a bit differently than you do, please let me know how it out. They looked fully cooked butter, add salt + cumin seem to have learned to (. We also put a generous portion of the Russian mainstay beverage smetana ( sour cream tomato.. Just cook during the cooking liquid the entire leaf is the bottom tends to.. Of charcoal then add about 2 tbspn of warm ghee or butter in a salty-sour cucumber base dishes, porridge! Over cabbage rolls at home and boiled for like 12 hours ) are thinking to have to! Effect is achieved, patties are formed and then return to cooked rolls fruit preserves or caviar use stovetop.

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